Technology - Our Differentiator

We use technology to level the playing field as against the larger law firms. Together with our technology partner, Deep Learning Café, we use technology in innovative ways to augment the ability of our lawyers to deliver exceptional value to our clients. The combination of legal technology and fluid work processes enables us to effectively compete against the larger firms and even outperform these firms. Technology as our differentiator allows us to follow an outcome-driven approach, by providing services in a timely and cost-effective manner.

By leveraging technology we are able to:

Provide consistent results

Removes the fear of not knowing what the cost will be.

Be proactively involved

Allows us to become involved in a proactive client strategy vs a reactive approach.

Provide performance-based outcomes

Provide our clients with a performance-based outcome vs billable hour.

Focus on the important stuff

Capacity to do what we are great at – removes the needs for lawyers to be involved in mundane, repetitive tasks – rather lawyers can be part of the strategy and part of the solution.

Serve our clients better

We can assist more clients, be more approachable and become more personable thanks to the effective use of time due to technology innovations.

Benefits of leveraging technology:

Unbelievable turnaround time

Massive cost saving

Outcome based pricing

Compete favourably

Client satisfaction

Our Technology Partner

Dries Cronje - Deep Learning Café

Technology Entrepreneur

Technology entrepreneur and the founder of the Deep Learning Café, Dries’ driving force is to use technology to solve real-world problems and create value from technology that transcends industries.

Never before have lawyers been overwhelmed by more and more complex data than in today’s time.

Deep Learning Café has developed the most incredible software to help lawyers get to grips with understanding the complex data challenges we are met with on a daily basis. By using doc-insight, we are able to process and understand vast amounts of data in a relatively short space of time. Doc-insight amplifies our lawyers abilities to confirm the contents, relevance and appreciation of a voluminous amount of documents.

In the legal industry, even more so than in other industries, time is money.

By using doc-insight, we were able to process and extract information from 20 000 documents in less than a day – translated, on delivery of the analysis to our international client on the merits of a complex construction matter the response we received from client was “never before have we seen a turnaround time like this with any major law firm in South Africa”.


Adine Abro Attorneys - Dries Cronje