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As construction industry role-players – be you employer, main contractor, subbie, engineer, or QS – we know what makes you tick. We understand the daily risks you face. And that when it comes to legal support you often feel unheard.

Time and money can both constrain and free you. And most times it doesn’t feel like there’s enough of either. You’re always under pressure. Risk adverse. And because of the nature of the construction game – you’re left reactive.

At Adine Abro construction and engineering lawyers, our approach is collaborative. We’re your partner in conquering the status quo. By understanding your true value, you’re not treated as the next billable hour. You’re not just a means to an end. As your vested ally, we’re accountable to your fears and committed to your vision; your partner in good times – and in bad.

When it comes to billing, we get that you hate not knowing. Our transparent per-project approach keeps you up-to-date with your fees.

Ultimately, construction is about life. We’re all striving to build something, to develop – and to grow. The ongoing process of re-evaluation and change is our only constant. With your developing business at the heart of our relationship, your progress is underpinned by our personal care and expertise. Our attentive business strategy transcends the adversarial paradigm. What this means is: we never pick fights for fighting sake. Ultimately, integrity binds us – and when it comes to you, we always see the bigger picture because your success is our success.

The truth is most industry participants are challenged by project management. This combined with a highly technical field of law that demands gargantuan data processing, means construction and industry players are exposed to multifaceted risks. At Adine Abro, with compassion and our structured approach, we construct a dependable framework that protects your interests. In a field driven by the fear of failure, you need a trusted partner – not a payroll yes-man.

Welcome to the Abro Way.

Way beyond the ordinary. Way beyond the status quo. Way beyond your challenges.

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So You Make the Best Decisions

Our openness to new ways of legal service delivery means we go beyond conventional approaches as construction litigation attorneys. These innovations deliver lasting value by empowering your decisions.



So Your Every Need is Met

Our network collaboration with top experts ensures you’ll always have answers. And by taking ownership of our relationship, we remain engaged in ongoing dialogue, so you’re always understood.


Technology & AI

So You’re Protected with Predictable Solutions

Fast, accurate results depend on adaptive cost-sensitive infrastructures. Not only does our inhouse tech reduce your billable hours, but you’re always kept in the loop with real time status reports.


What We Are

We don’t offer services. We are service. With both local and international scope as construction contract lawyers, our razor-sharp focus covers the entire project lifecycle, from inception to close out.

Welcome to the Abro Way.

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