We Are Labour Law

 In the everchanging world of labour law, we’re always one step ahead. Each case is unique, demanding keen and creative legal analysis.


Labour law navigates complex employer-employee relationships, covering associated rights, obligations, and responsibilities. It includes pertinent issues such as workplace safety, wages, workplace discrimination, and wrongful termination.

As renowned construction dispute lawyers, we’re your go-to for:

  • Employment Agreements | Employment Agreements are crucial in defining the very foundation of your employee relationships. We offer specialized support in preparing the exact agreement you need, based on the specific employee status be it fixed term or permanent.
  • Job Descriptions | Ideal as communicative tools, comprehensive job descriptions help define exactly what is expected from your employees.
  • Performance Reviews | Performance reviews promote enhanced communication by offering useful feedback about job performance, facilitate better working relationships, provide historical records of performance, and contribute to professional development. Expertly facilitated, reviews offer powerful insight into whether:
    • Employees are working on the optimal tasks
    • Your business goals are being met?
    • Any of your employees require training/assistance?
  • Workplace Policies | Crucial in defining expectations, expertly drafted policies define how best to deal with employee-related grievances. Other benefits include:
    • Management accountability dictating investigative procedures that pertain to allegations of misconduct
    • Compliance with the Labour Relations Act 66 of 1995 which governs disciplinary processes
    • Consistency of corporate response to policy violations

We offer formulation of the following:

  • Communication policies
  • Leave policies
  • Grievance, Misconduct, and Incapacity policies
  • Harassment policies
  • Work-from-home policies
  • Policies Training | Employee training on workplace policies by an external party is most effective. Latent issues are more likely to be identified. We provide thorough training covering:
    • Policy aims and overall policy scope
    • Reason for development of policies
    • To whom the policies apply
    • Acceptable and unacceptable workplace conduct
    • Consequences of noncompliance
  • The Disciplinary Process | A disciplinary procedure is a distinct process enabling employers to address employee misconduct issues committed during employment. A framework regulating consistent enforcement of penalties is created, yet also allows for individual and mitigating circumstances to be fairly adjudicated and addressed. The four-step management process includes:
    • Step 1: Collation | gathering of all facts and corresponding documentation
    • Step 2: Compilation | drafting of charge sheet and notices
    • Step 3: Coordination | preparation of evidence, arguments, and witnesses
    • Step 4: Communication | employer’s case is argued in front of the chairperson

Ultimately labour law is about people.

Acting as your advocate by establishing and maintaining confident relationships, we better the lives of all concerned. At Adine Abro our well-honed interpersonal skills – the ability to listen and communicate, to understand and empathize, to engage respectfully, and to manage conflict constructively – are paramount in cultivating result-producing trust.

Fairness. Equality. Cohesion. Solution-driven labour law advice. The Abro Way

At Adine Abro, expertise is key when it comes to labour law. Our competency-focused process delivers predictable outcomes – time after time.