What Differentiates Us

You need predictable results.

One of the greatest challenges construction law firms face today is being overwhelmed by the ever-increasing complexity of data. This means your legal team is usually preoccupied with mundane, repetitive tasks – costing you time and money.

Our cutting-edge inhouse tech enables us to outperform larger firms with unprecedented turnaround time, delivering you value and dependability.

Together with our technology partner, Deep Learning Café, you’re invited to experience fluid work processes that easily address your needs in a way that is lean, innovative, and elegant.

Way beyond the status quo. The Abro Way.

By leveraging tech, you get:

Consistent results

Removes the fear of not knowing what your costs will be

Proactive involvement

Reactive strategies are avoided with predictable solutions

Performance-based outcomes

You’re not just the next billable hour

All the important stuff done

More time means we get to do what we’re great at!

Better service

Technology-driven innovation means we get to take better care of you

Benefits of leveraging technology:

Unbelievable turnaround time

Massive cost saving

Outcome based pricing

Compete favourably

Client satisfaction

Our Technology Partner

Meet Dries

Who Innovates Us

Founder of the Deep Learning Café, tech entrepreneur Dries Cronje’s, vision is simple: creating cross-industry value and real world problem-solving with technology.

His sophisticated software, Doc-insight, processes vast amounts of data super expediently. Doc-insight amplifies lawyers’ ability to understand and manage the contents, relevance, and scope of voluminous documents.

Understanding that especially in the construction industry time is money and cash is king, the collaboration between Adine Abro Attorneys and Deep Learning Café guarantees that you, our client, has a uniquely personalized experience.

Way beyond the competition. The Abro Way.