We Are Contract Drafting

Drafting construction contracts is infinitely more complex than signing, which happens in mere seconds. Essentially, the overall agreement aim is to establish the obligation of the parties and avoid misunderstandings. Concise, clear, and watertight contracts are essential for the progress of any project, therefore when drafting, we first determine areas of greatest concern.

At Adine Abro, our documents cut to the heart of transactions, clearly allocating risks and responsibilities. By always encouraging a relationship of open dialogue, we’re able to understand our clients’ commercial commitments and goals, ultimately playing the role of true partner, always adding maximum value.

Addressing a wide range of issues, well-drafted contracts clearly identify the duties of the parties, allocate risk between the players, and curtail unnecessary disputes during and after project completion.

What differentiates construction contracts from other commercial contracts are the varied mechanisms available to manage time and cost variances. When these changes arise, construction contracts have the unique ability to manage them without new contracts being negotiated. The various standard form construction contracts include:

  • GCC
  • JBCC N/S Subcontract
  • NEC3 & NEC4
  • MBA Domestic Subcontract

When it comes to bespoke agreements, we deal with all the important project issues and remain committed to ensure that one party is never favoured at the cost of the other.

At Adine Abro, expertise is key when it comes to contract drafting. Our competency-focused process delivers predictable outcomes – time after time.