Adine Abro

Qualified Adjudicator & Dispute Resolution Practitioner

“Adjudication is a speedy and efficient dispute resolution mechanism, rough and ready justice so that you can move forward. Adjudicators who don’t understand the adjudication process allow adjudications to convert into arbitrations – a time-consuming and costly process. Given my extensive training and expertise in the field of construction, I ensure that the purpose of adjudication is well-served.”

Adine has obtained a diploma in international adjudication from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and has been appointed to AFSA’s (Arbitration Foundation of South Africa) commercial panel of adjudicators. Parties to a construction dispute who agree to her appointment as an adjudicator are free to approach her directly. Adine’s decision is final and binding unless and until it is overturned by either arbitration or court proceedings.

Since the introduction in the early 1990s of the adjudication process in both international and local construction contracts, adjudication is often seen as the preferred method of dispute resolution in the construction industry given its many advantages.

By appointing Adine as your adjudicator, you’ll always get justice served, piping hot.

As an alternative to traditional dispute resolution,
adjudication is a relatively speedy & cost-effective process.

By resolving disputes quickly and effectively, work can continue, your cashflow remains protected, and unnecessary costs are prevented.

Straightforward and efficient, adjudication frees you up to focus on what really matters – the project.

With finality to your dispute, adjudication allows you to move on with your life – with peace of mind.

Adjudication. The path of least resistance.