We Are Risk Managment Solutions

 As the complexity of construction and engineering projects changes, the magnitude of risk involved for all players concerned increases. At Adine Abro we leverage this potential. We perform comprehensive risk assessments to prevent and mitigate unwanted delays, damage, and disruptions – saving our clients emotional distress, time, and money.

By adapting to the continuously changing engineering and construction industries we rely on our results-driven practices and tech-empowered procedures throughout the construction process to provide cost-effective solutions that work.

We strive to help our clients make informed decisions and keep the project moving forward. Some of our dynamic risk management solutions include:

  • Risk Identification & Monitoring
  • Disaster Prevention & Relief Planning
  • Probability & Damage Assessments
  • International Risk Evaluations
  • Decision Risk & Cost Escalation Analysis
  • Schedule & Cost Forecasting


At Adine Abro, expertise is key when it comes to risk management solutions. Our competency-focused process delivers predictable outcomes – time after time.