Who We Are

Meet Adine

With decades of experience in the specialist field of construction and engineering law, construction attorney Adine Abro balances altruistic passion with drive. Relentless in her desire to not only understand her clients, but to support them in meaningful ways, she exemplifies the ideal of collaborative relationship.

“As our client your engagement value is our expertise, cutting-edge technology, and unrelenting service. As a better solution to your every problem, my message to my clients is simple: We’ve got this.”

Either playing Mum to her beloved fur-children, or thrill-seeking down mountain bike trails, Adine’s leisure time is a holistic merging of family, introspection, and wholesome activities; one favourite in particular – baking.

To her younger self immersed in university law studies she would encourage, “Just keep going. Law is going to bring you so much happiness and fulfilment. You’re going to genuinely love what you do.”

Adine has received her Diploma in International Construction Adjudication from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

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Meet Ronnie

Addressing the great unknown when it comes to labour law for both the man on the street and the corporate executive, consultant Ronnie Abro is driven by the ideal of fairness creating success for all concerned.

“Employers need to collaborate with their employees for the mutual benefit of both parties.”

Unravelling legalese to ensure the individual follows the law by understanding it in a simple way is at the heart of his practice.

When it comes to his daughter’s firm, Ronnie most values the genuine care she extends towards her clients’ needs which she always prioritizes. Her success in growing one of the premier construction law firms, in his opinion, is built on hard work and remarkable savvy.

Off the clock, you’ll find Ronnie with Adine’s four dogs – Pablo the miniature Schnauzer, Bella the Basset, Grace the English bulldog, and the newest member Arthur Belvedere, a Goldendoodle puppy.

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Meet Adarsh

Experienced in legal consultation for enormous construction projects like Medupi Power Station and major national shopping malls, Adarsh Dayal has a real soft spot for subcontractors.

With an understanding of the dispute resolution complexities they face, he champions the good fight for subbies, ever committed to fairness in the face of railroading larger contractors.

“Adine’s knowledge, experience, and understanding of the industry is extensive and solid. This makes the firm so successful.”

Enjoying the flexibility of his role as consultant when it comes to work/life balance, Adarsh is a doting dad to his 9-month-old son and regards himself as a film and literary connoisseur.

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Meet Sumari

Skilful at problem solving in the ever-evolving field of construction law, senior associate Sumari Benade adopts a more therapeutic approach to her clients. Taking on their stresses and fears personally, her style of service transcends the mere functional.

“The biggest challenge my clients face is agreeing to contractual terms which aren’t in their favour – just for the sake of being appointed.”

Courageously hands on, you as her client is guaranteed trustworthy mentorship.

As an avid chef, Sumari loves nothing more than kicking off her work stilettos, whipping on her trusted apron, and whipping up mouth-watering meals for friends and family.

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