We Are Contract Management

Contract Management is about managing risk and relationships so that the contracting parties get the result they originally intended. And what flows from this simple premise? Cash flow, revenue, obligations management, as well as all other key project essentials.

Simply put, contract management is about defining resources, relationships, and risk.

Contract management can be daunting and complex. At Adine Abro, our progressive inhouse technology ensures an effective contract management strategy, ever committed to delivering these benefits:

  • Realisation of expected outcomes and financial returns
  • Reduced risk of disputes between contract partners and subcontractors, fostering more responsive relationships and increased probability of repeat work
  • Avoidance of pitfalls and fewer unforeseen events
  • Enhanced cooperation between contract partners, subcontractors, and suppliers

We always aim to please. In the face of all the differing project delivery and contracting methodologies, we use bespoke AI to manage each of the following effectively and efficiently:

  • EPC (Engineer, Procure, & Construct)
  • EPCM (Engineer, Procure, Construct, & Manage)
  • D&B (Design & Build)
  • DBO (Design, Build, Operate)
  • BOO (Build, Operate, Own)
  • BOT (Build, Operate, Transfer)
  • BOOT (Build, Own, Operate, Transfer)
  • O&M (Operation & Maintenance)


At Adine Abro, expertise is key when it comes to contract management. Our competency-focused process delivers predictable outcomes – time after time.