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“The JBCC”

We offer the following sub-packages pertaining to the Joint Building Contracts Committee:

The Principal Building Agreement

The PBA (edition 6.2 May ’18) between employer & contractor is suitable for all building projects:

The N/S Subcontract

The Nominated/Selected Subcontract Agreement (edition 6.2 May ’18) between contractor and subbie is modeled on the JBCC Principal Building Agreement.

Specific clauses govern the obligation and rights of nominated and/or selected subbies.

Minor Works

The Minor Works Agreement (edition 5.2 May ’18) between employer and contractor is mainly used for uncomplex projects.

The contractor, generally a SME, works within an anticipated construction period not exceeding nine months.

Small & Simple Works Contract

The Small and Simple Works Contract (edition 1.0 May ’20) between employer and contractor, is mainly used for projects with anticipated construction periods not exceeding nine months – and contract values under R5 million.

Direct Contractor’s Contract

This employer-direct contractor agreement is used for projects where the main contractor is appointed.

The direct contractor is only responsible for works excluded from the main contractor’s scope, such as security system installations, tenant installations, and landscaping.

“The GCC 2015™”

This General Conditions of Contract for Construction Works Agreement between employer and contractor is published by the South African Institution of Civil Engineering (SAICE).

It’s ideally used in civil, mechanical, electrical, and construction projects – or a combination of various project types.

“The FIDIC™”

Federation Internationale des Ingénieurs-Conseil contracts are globally recognized on all types of projects. The FIDIC contract advocates for a balanced approach to the roles and responsibilities of the parties as well as the allocation and management of risk.


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