We Are Contract Negotiation

Contract negotiation is the complex discussion process between contractual parties with the aim to finalise contract terms. Since construction contracts can be incredibly difficult to understand, negotiation is one of our fortes. Because the parties will often have different, and sometimes conflicting, interests we encourage open dialogue to reach mutually agreeable compromise.

Projects may succeed or fail as a direct result of contract terms and conditions; therefore, we regard thorough preparation as vital. Understanding that construction-specific jargon can be confusing, our decades-long experience ensures we’re proficient at identifying and communicating project risks, challenges, and hazards.

Some of the key contract elements that may require negotiation are:

  • Ability to claim time extensions and damages
  • Insurance requirements, indemnities, and bonds
  • Payment valuations and variations

Ultimately, effective negotiation removes uncertainty and curtails disputes, saving our clients a significant amount of time and money. Construction contracts don’t need to feel overwhelming. Well-versed in both standard and bespoke contract drafting and interpretation, we make the entire project manageable, understandable, and achievable.

At Adine Abro, expertise is key when it comes to contract negotiation. Our competency-focused process delivers predictable outcomes – time after time.